First Jed

Every Jed licence includes access to standard Jed and First Jed. First Jed is a simpler version of Jed, with the following features:

  • Reduced text
  • Even lower reading age
  • Simpler question-at-a-time quiz
  • Colourful interactive World of Work map

It includes all the good things about standard Jed too, including:

  • Comprehensive independent and impartial careers information
  • Training and progressions routes for key decision points at school and college
  • Hundreds of videos, all with subtitles if required
  • Thousands of pictures, showing real people doing real jobs
  • Suggestions for where to start looking, and notes about how jobs relate to your interests and likes
  • Lots of relevant and checked links to sources of further information


First Jed's colourful World of Work map gives interactive access to jobs by job group, representing how all sorts of different careers join together to create the world we know. Hover over the map to highlight the different areas and their descriptions.

Click on an area or building for a description of that job group and some example jobs with videos. Follow the links for a comprehensive list of jobs in that group.


Job-matching quizzes with lots of questions on the page can be daunting. The quiz in First Jed asks just a question at a time. At the end of the short quiz, First Jed makes suggestions for where to start looking.

As users explore various jobs in First Jed, the program asks more questions about likes and interests. It asks these one at a time, based on what answers the user has given so far and what job they are looking at now. each extra answer helps First Jed build up a better profile of the user and make better suggestions.

To find out more, check out our pages on:

You could also visit the Jed Help videos page and take a look at the 'Introduction to First Jed' video. Or contact us for a free trial of Jed – we're happy to provide it free-of-charge for a month to any UK school.