Why Jed?

Jed doesn't assume previous careers knowledge on the part of the user, and the written style is carefully controlled to make it accessible to a wide variety of users.

First Jed has a simple and colourful presentation, accessible to younger users and some special educational needs students.

Standard Jed contains a wealth of information for those who want to dig deeper, suitable for Key Stage 4 to adult.

Jed and First Jed are suitable for a wide variety of users.

Key stage 4

Jed's concise and well-planned quizzes give results in minutes, not hours. The 'get clicking' approach encourages users to get to work on thinking for themselves about what they might want from a job, and how to plan to get onto the career track that they want. Each of the job records has information about the job, opportunities and pay, required qualifications and training pathways, transferable skills, and work experience tips.

Key stage 3

First Jed is a fun and interesting introduction to careers education and guidance. It features a colourful World of Work interactive map, and a short 'Quiz Trail' with one question per page. It still has the same job records of Jed, but with shorter job summaries. Also in First Jed are Jed's 340+ short video case studies, and 3500+ colourful pictures showing real people doing real jobs.


Jed is no lightweight. With over a million words of content, Jed has got useful information on hundreds of jobs. Jed's style is simple and direct, but never patronising.

Special schools and SEN coordinators in mainstream schools

First Jed is the careers information resource of choice with many special needs students. The concise job summaries are easy to use, and the simple bullet points make it easy to grasp the meaning without presenting the user with large blocks of text. The optional text-to-speech add-on gives extra confidence to weaker readers, who can read along with it. And the hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures communicate in a way that words can't.

Key stage 2

First Jed for primary schools has been used successfully in primary schools to provide the back-up for learning about the world of work. The quizzes provide an insight into the types of job which are available. The popular World of Work map provokes discussions about different types of work.

Organisations who use Jed

Jed is in use by a wide variety of organisations, and careers professionals, across the UK, including:

  • Secondary schools (maintained and independent)
  • Further education colleges
  • NCS / Careers centres
  • Personal advisers
  • Careers advisers
  • Community drop-in centres
  • Library information kiosks
  • Special schools
  • Independent careers advisers
  • Short-stay schools
  • Primary schools
  • Middle schools
  • Prisons and Young offenders institutions
  • LEA regional networks
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